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Single mothers with a new job

    In a three-month intensive training program by FEED in the Food & Energy plant Potchefstroom, which was supported by the Munich-based digital company STTECH, the 44-year-old Sindiswa, a single parent and unemployed by the COVID pandemic, was intensively trained in several training units in sustainable agriculture and subsequently received a permanent position in the Artemesia production Potchefstroom. Read more »

    Nahrung für die Armen – neue Gemüsebeete in Kirchengärten

    Pre-Christmas donation from STTECH Munich

      The ongoing economic crisis in South Africa, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made the humanitarian situation in the country extremely worse. Malnutrition and hunger, especially in rural areas and townships, continue to spread. The unemployment rate is at a record high of over 30%. With the desperation of the population, crime also increases noticeably. Read more »