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Heart and Courage for children

    Phyllis Kaunda, 61, retired school principal in the largest township near Potchefstroom, Ikageng, built a crèche for children from 2 to 6 year olds about 1 year ago with funds from her own pension, sold her house and takes the vegetables of her own garden to save the children from hunger. Read more »

    FEED school feeding scheme for another 5 schools and creches

      2022 began in South Africa with flooding and hail in many parts of the country. Vital crops were destroyed, another blow to the people and the country’s economy after the pandemic. Thanks to further donations and sponsorships, among others from AURUBIS AG, Hamburg, FEED can expand its help with healthy school meals. Read more »

      Single mothers with a new job

        In a three-month intensive training program by FEED in the Food & Energy plant Potchefstroom, which was supported by the Munich-based digital company STTECH, the 44-year-old Sindiswa, a single parent and unemployed by the COVID pandemic, was intensively trained in several training units in sustainable agriculture and subsequently received a permanent position in the Artemesia production Potchefstroom. Read more »

        Nahrung für die Armen – neue Gemüsebeete in Kirchengärten

        Pre-Christmas donation from STTECH Munich

          The ongoing economic crisis in South Africa, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made the humanitarian situation in the country extremely worse. Malnutrition and hunger, especially in rural areas and townships, continue to spread. The unemployment rate is at a record high of over 30%. With the desperation of the population, crime also increases noticeably. Read more »