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Healthy school meals


The nutritional and development situation for children in South Africa has greatly worsened as a result of the pandemic exacerbating the economic recession.

Children as well as adults are suffering from malnutrition, particularly in the rural areas, which has a significant impact on their development, weakens the immune system, and negatively impacts their performance.

Illnesses and disease are therefore able to spread more quickly. For hundreds of thousands of children, the school meal is often the only meal they have in the day, although the diet often lacks variety. F.E.E.D. combats malnutrition and helps schoolchildren and their families by providing locally produced ‘vitality porridge’ which contains vitamins, minerals and protein. We provide training for teachers so that they can teach children about balanced nutrition and food production.

In this way, children can learn how to protect their immune systems. For a strong future!

2023 - Healthy food for children that changes a whole life

A well-balanced diet for a strong development

The German KfW/DEG supported SUNfarming GmbH with funds from the COVID-19 response programme in order to realise the first vitality porridge school projects in the Potchefstroom area near Johannesburg in autumn 2020. More than 20.000 schoolchildren and their families received the locally produced, healthy and tasty supplement to their school meals which are seldom varied.

Your donation is needed to enable F.E.E.D. to expand this important contribution to alleviate malnutrition and to help children grow up healthy throughout the country.

Please donate now for healthy school meals in South Africa!

A strong future with

vitality porridge

for school children and their families

Impressions of our school project

In 8 weeks, 21 schools with around 20,000 pupils and 60,000 family members were able to take part in the schools project to provide vitality porridge. The children love the vitality porridge – for some it is the only meal of the day. The teachers are delighted with the children’s newfound motivation.
The initial projects were funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the KfW/DEG within the COVID-19 response programme.

With your help, we can reach even more

To give schoolchildren in South Africa a healthy future, F.E.E.D. needs your donation.

Your donation helps three times over!

It helps schoolchildren by providing healthy school meals and education about healthy nutrition


It helps families by including them in the vitality porridge programme and providing training for their own agricultural food production

It helps teachers by training them on how to teach children about a balanced diet


Map south africa

Project region

South Africa: Potchefstroom, Johannesburg, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal; planned expansion to further areas in the country

Project goals

  • To provide schoolchildren with food rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, additional support for families
  • Training and awareness-raising for teachers around the importance of healthy eating for child development, so that they can teach this to the children


  • Selection of schools in regions with the most need, in close collaboration with local authorities
  • Getting the school management and teaching staff onside to support the project long-term, and integrating the training content into lesson plans
  • Production and daily distribution of portions of Vitality Porridge to schoolchildren, with an additional 5kg allocation once a week for family members
  • Long-term support for teachers and the children’s families through information and training, and instruction in producing their own healthy food

A donation of

12,500 Euro

helps provide 500 schoolchildren

  • with one portion of vitality porridge a day for about six months in addition to their school meals, so that they get the vitamins, minerals and protein they need for healthy development.
  • In cases of need, F.E.E.D., in consultation with the donor, also provides other families with gifts of vitality porridge.
  • Other donation amounts are possible. Please contact us if you would like to individually customise your donation and your donation goals.

Vitality Porridge


Well-balanced food supplement to school meals
One sack of vitality porridge for each family per week
artemesia in the food & energy plant

In 2016, Peter Schrum set up the first Food & Energy Plant in Potchefstroom with SUNfarming.

While carbon neutral energy is produced using solar modules which are lifted up to 3 - 4 meters, vegetables and medicinal herbs are grown underneath the modules well-protected against harmful weather conditions.

Artemesia afra (African wormwood), coriander, turmeric and ginger are grown by local people at the plant. After being harvested, the herbs are dried and added to a ready-cooked instant maize porridge made from locally grown corn, and then packed in individual portions.

The vitality porridge has been analysed and certified by Microchem Lab Services (Pty.) Ltd. This laboratory is accredited by SANAS (South African National Accreditation System), ie. it is affiliated to and recognised by ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation).

Each portion of vitality porridge contains a high proportion of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals – protein is a vital element for healthy child development.

50 g dried instant porridge and 200ml water makes a 250 g portion, which is ready to eat without any cooking, and with corn or banana perfectly supplements the basic diet.

Currently around 160,000 portions of vitality porridge can be produced in a week, and can be distributed to schoolchildren and their families as part of the F.E.E.D. school feeding project.

Your donation can help us increase production and give more schoolchildren the chance for a strong, healthy development.

It’s so easy to give

As a private donor

Simply call or email to connect with your personal contact partner at F.E.E.D. and arrange a donation which accords with your exact wishes and aims. Your donation to the German F.E.E.D. e.V. is tax deductible in Germany. You will receive a certificate of donation. We will send you regular updates on the project with photos.

Please contact us!

As a foundation or business donor

To support you with organising your sustainable social engagement and communicating it effectively, and to create positive publicity, a designated contact partner from F.E.E.D. will be pleased to assist you, from your first contact with us. You will be able to discuss with them activities custom-designed for you, in line with your statutory purposes or corporate social responsibility and sustainability aims. On-site visits and exclusive activities are also possible. Regular, informative documentation and maximum transparency in the use of funds are of course guaranteed.

Please contact us!

Please contact the F.E.E.D. team for more information on our partnership solutions for private and corporate donors.