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600 children from Nkagisang Primary School and 40 preschoolers empowered by corona pandemic

    Supported by a school sponsorship of the North German wind energy company Dirkshof, FEED has been able to support the Nkagisang Farm School and the preschool kindergarten of the school since February 2021 with about 40,000 healthy Vitality porridge portions as a school meal as well as a gift for the family members.

    Nkagisang is located in the rural area of the district of Klerksdorf with many socially weak and poor inhabitants. Extremely high unemployment, exacerbated by COVID-19, has left children malnourished. Many of them have to drive to school by bus from far regions and come to school without having had any food. Hunger, lack of energy and high rates of illness threatened the healthy development of the children and weighed heavily on the families.

    By giving Vitality Porridge directly in the morning – in winter also as a hot meal – the children are strengthened for the day at school and provided with important vitamins and minerals, so that they can follow the lessons much better and are protected better from diseases. By involving family members in the aid program, they also learn about the importance of healthy food for development and immune defense. In addition, FEED offers agricultural training for the locals on open arable land throughout the region, so that the participants can then create their own gardens and provide themselves with healthy vegetables and medicinal herbs.

    School Director Mabotja expressed his gratitude for the important support provided by FEED, which provides sustainable support and help to learners and families in the region. The school sponsorship of Dirkshof runs until the end of the school year 2021.The Vitality Porridge is produced locally by FEED's local partner companies and with the help of FEED-trained workers. Every year, FEED training programmes create additional jobs for people who have not had access to education or have become unemployed during the pandemic.