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Food & Energy training courses


F.E.E.D. was established based on the holistic approach of sustainable support for people in South Africa, to develop their living conditions, their society and their economy, by means of activities and projects from the non-profit association which contribute to overcoming the fundamental challenges facing the country. Food security and the resultant improvements in preventative health care, the sustainable transfer of knowledge, the production of affordable and renewable energy available long-term, and economic development through the successful growth of new businesses and the creation of new jobs.

With the Food & Energy Training Courses, F.E.E.D. makes an important contribution to achieving a number of the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


zero hunger


Good health and well-being


affordable, renewable energy


decent work and economic growth

In the Food & Energy Plant of SUNfarming, F.E.E.D.’s partner, in Potchefstroom, course participants receive state-accredited training, in small groups of 15. They are trained on the subject of ecologically sustainable agriculture, the installation and maintenance of solar systems, and learn in their own local area, how the independent production of renewable energy can be combined with the production of vegetables and medicinal herbs.

F.E.E.D. enables local people, many of whom have lost their jobs because of the economic crisis and the pandemic. These people who cannot afford training and so have not been able until now to get any qualified employment, to gain certified training.

By successfully completing the training course and gaining a certificate from SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association), participants have the necessary qualifications to get a job in the renewable energy industry and introduce innovative technology into agriculture.

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Impressions of our Food & Energy training courses


The five-day Food & Energy Training Courses in Potchefstroom are organised in two blocks: agricultural courses with a focus on agricultural technology, and solar energy and installation courses. With the PV GreenCard Certificate, which is specifically covered in the second module of the course, participants gain an official licence to install and maintain solar systems, which is a requirement for jobs in this sector in South Africa. Each participant receives detailed course materials. Meals are provided during the duration of the course. Course regulations adhere to hygiene and safety regulations as by government regulations on COVID-19.

Course content of Food & Energy training course

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    Content of theory block:
  • different plants and vegetables according to season
  • different plant mediums - soil, hydroponics
  • introduction to fertilisers and techniques
  • water quality and -management
  • nutrient characteristics of macro- and micronutrients
  • cultivation from soil preparation and seed sowing to harvest
  • marketing and selling the products
  • financial calculations for agricultural businesses
  • basic electrical knowledge – solar energy
  • characteristics of solar energy
  • installing solar energy systems
  • solar inverters for power grid
  • types of solar panel
  • solar systems for roofs
  • benchmarks for solar panel quality
  • project management and checklist for solar projects
  • Food & Energy Plants

The practical block of the Food & Energy training course includes the cultivation of vegetables and medicinal herbs in Food & Energy Plants or in glasshouses using the techniques taught, as well as installation training on solar system components.