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F.E.E.D. is committed to combating malnutrition and poverty, sharing knowledge and skills, and protecting natural resources and the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the economic recession in South Africa and taken away people’s jobs and livelihoods.

Others, particularly in the townships and rural areas, are lacking food, access to education, and opportunities to provide for themselves and their families, or to find employment and become active, self-determining members of the economic life of their country.

F.E.E.D. stands for



i.e. not just sustenance, but healthy, balanced, locally produced foodstuffs, which are vital for children’s healthy development, and which strengthen the immune systems of both children and adults so that they can better resist illness and disease.



this refers to training – the teaching of theory and practical skills around a healthy, balanced diet; the ecologically sustainable cultivation of vegetables and medicinal herbs, as well as protection of the environment and the introduction of renewable energy.



at F.E.E.D. stands for the production of solar power in combination with agricultural production. People in the region grow their own vegetables and medicinal herbs under the solar modules. They use the harvested products to feed themselves and their families, and sell the surplus produce to the local supermarket. In certified courses, people are trained to work as solar systems installers, and can then use this qualification to apply for jobs in this future-oriented industry.



i.e. development is the sustainable goal that F.E.E.D. is pursuing for the long-term benefit of the local people. With its activities, the association is supporting the United Nations goals for sustainability.

With your donation, you will enable us to extend our projects, to expand to more regions. We will be in a position to support more people, assisting them to become self-reliant, allowing them the opportunity to better work and life prospects.

Individually tailoring your donation

F.E.E.D needs your donation to carry out and extend the sustainable projects. Funded by donations currently being rolled out in South Africa, in this, you can decide whether your donation should be used for a themed project, e.g. schools projects or agricultural and business training, or whether you would like to make a donation for all F.E.E.D.’s activities in a certain region or for a particular target group.

Your own personal and experienced contact partner is waiting to discuss: How you would like to individually tailor your donation? Get in touch with us!


  • 90% of sums donated go directly to sustainable aid

  • Only around 4% of expenditure is for administration and donor support

  • 5.5% of expenditure is for communications and direct marketing campaigns

As a non-profit association, it is vital for us that the maximum proportion of donated funds reaches people in need in South Africa. In this, we depend on the support of our partners and NGOs.

In spreading the word about our work, and in our marketing, we purposely rely on PR and direct marketing, strong partners, multipliers and social media, we avoid expensive publicity campaigns.

Your donation directly benefits people in South Africa.

We allocate over 90% of donations directly into combating hunger and malnutrition, health protection, and
sustainable support.

Erstes Gemüse wächst


Impact and success of our projects

We regularly review and document the impact and success of our projects, and present our donors with extensive reports featuring photos and video documentation. Donors can also arrange on-site visits, to familiarize themselves with what our activities entail, and experience in person what their donation achieves.

Internal and external controls ensure that donations are channelled responsibly, efficiently and target-oriented to the respective target groups set out in the statuory aims of the association. Internal controls are exercised by members and tax advisors, as are external controls by the tax authorities.

Ein großer Schritt in die Selbstversorgung

Expenditure for course participation

The following expenditure is incurred for one participant for a one-week training course:

  • cost of locating participants, training course co-ordination on-site
  • COVID-19 safety measures
  • provision of digital media for the training course
  • examination fees, certificates
  • catering for participants
  • shuttle from home and back
  • qualified trainers


We calculate the impact of our actions at regular intervals, according to the following indicators:

  • number of schools taking part in school projects, number of schoolchildren and family members as well as teachers
  • number of portions of vitality porridge produced, and number of portions distributed per person per month
  • number of participants on training courses, and number of training establishments per agricultural and business training course
  • number of participants taking the final exam and number of certificates awarded: in relation to this, the training courses are also subject to state checks.
  • number of new employees who, following training, find jobs working in the Food & Energy Plants, in vitality porridge production or elsewhere in the labour market
  • number of new agricultural businesses established and operated by participants after taking part in the training courses.

Your benefits as a donor company

F.E.E.D. was established in 2020 as a German non-profit association, but, as a result of the social responsibility initiatives of Peter Schrum, an entrepreneur from Northern Germany, it has access to existing privately funded infrastructures and a well-developed long-standing network. The development projects already supported by F.E.E.D. attest to their long-term success for the social and economic development of the inhabitants and their region.

With your donation, you can therefore give targeted and appropriate sustainable support to people in need, in line with your CSR guidelines, and demonstrate your engagement and public relations activities authentically in a way that will enhance your corporate image. The F.E.E.D. team will be happy to support you with their expertise and many years experience in project and event management, marketing, online marketing and pr, as well as in the transparent evaluation and allocation of your available funds, in accordance with your guidelines.

Your benefits at a glance:
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    Flexible and individual customisation of your donation project
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    Possibility of linking your donation with actions already in progress in your CSR engagement plan
  • logo
    On-site visits and creation of exclusive events and lighthouse projects available
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    Maximal use of funds with very low cost ratio – more than 90% of your donation will reach the projects!
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    No sponsorship, no contractual commitment
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    Collaborations welcome! F.E.E.D, welcomes opportunities to work together with new partners and non-profit organisations. Please get in touch!
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    Regular documentation and transparency regarding use of funds
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    High level of cross-industry and international awareness arising from synergies in communication between F.E.E.D. and its partner network

Tax deductible

F.E.E.D. is a non-profit association: your donation is tax deductible. You will be sent a certificate of donation.

Individual and target-oriented

Whether you want to make a one-off donation or plan a long-term sustainable engagement as part of your corporate social responsibility policy – your donation can be customised according to your exact wishes and requirements, while at the same time it is entirely free of membership requirements or other conditions.

Direct and transparent

External and internal control mechanisms, in addition to regular documentation ensure our transparency and the efficient use of your donation.