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Sustainable food and agricultural training projects for a strong socio-economic development in South Africa

Guarding our environment and protecting it for future generations, while creating a better world for EVERYONE, is the ambitious goal of the non-profit organisation F.E.E.D. We are doing this in collaboration with partners from the business and political sectors, as well as other non-profit organisations.

In Africa, the association's main objectives are to combat malnutrition, raise people's awareness in the vital role a balanced diet plays, to ensure healthy growth and protecting health. Our objective is to share this knowledge with children from an early age.

In support of these objectives, the association provides certified training courses for young people and adults. These courses train unemployed and people in need how to sustainably grow vegetables, using innovative technologies that conserve resources. Doing so, it empowers people to achieve self-sufficiency and enables them to start their own businesses.

F.E.E.D.’s vision is to ensure that all children growing up in Africa are healthy, not suffering from hunger. We strive to empower people to be self-supportive, and encourage their ability to sustain and realise their own life-goals in their homeland, at the same time protecting natural resources and respecting humanitarian values.


Gesundes Schul-Essen

Healthy school meals
‘Vitality Porridge’

School children receive a vitality porridge enriched with vitamins, minerals and protein daily as part of a supplementary meal at school. In the process, we teach children the importance of balanced nutrition.

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Landwirtschaftliche Schulungen

Vegetable production which protects natural resources

Unemployed individuals and persons without access to educational opportunities can take a one-week farming course. This course teaches them how to grow vegetables and herbs using ecologically sustainable methods, and in the process, these students become self-sufficient.

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Food & Energy Courses

We provide training in ecologically sustainable farming practices and in renewable energy. With this knowledge, people are greatly assisted in their journey towards self-reliance.

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With the help of F.E.E.D., our first holistic and sustainable projects  are  underway in South Africa.

Thanks to support from cooperative partners from the business and political sectors, as well as non-profit organisations and church communities, our projects have succeeded to open up new life and job opportunities for people living in townships as well as in rural areas.


Support us, so that we can do even more

Your donation – as an individual, a foundation or a business – will help F.E.E.D. to expand these successful projects to other parts of the country, thereby protecting more people from malnutrition and support them on the path to self-sufficiency or to new employment.

Tax deductible

Donations are tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt/certificate for your donation.

Individual and target-oriented

Whether it’s a once-off donation or one that aligns with your corporate responsibility policy, your donation can be customised according to your exact wishes and requirements, whilst being free of membership requirements or other conditions.

Direct and transparent

External and internal control mechanisms, in addition to regular documentation ensure our transparency and the efficient use of your donation.


In collaboration with non-profit organisations and partners from business and political sectors F.E.E.D.'s objective is to ensure that as many schools as possible are included in the schools feeding programme, and to strive to combat malnutrition as effectively as possible.

Our courses in ecologically sustainable agriculture are supported by local church organisations, who make their church gardens available for practical training on the cultivation of vegetables and medicinal herbs. These churches (and our trainees) then continue to cultivate and maintain these gardens in order to provide fresh vegetables for the poorest of the poor.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following partners:



Spreading knowledge and fostering awareness

F.E.E.D. recruits local schools to join the school feeding programme.
With this programme, each child receives, in addition to their school meals, a daily portion of 'Vitality Booster Porridge' containing valuable vitamins, minerals and protein.

The teachers are trained to educate the children on good nutrition, a balanced diet, and a healthy life style. These children from an early age, learn the importance of good nutrition, supporting health, growth and strengthening their immune system to protect them against disease and illness.


Building self-sufficiency and self-reliance

Young people and adults are trained theoretically and receive practical training on growing vegetables and medicinal herbs, using ecologically sustainable methods. They also learn how to provide for themselves.

F.E.E.D. emphasises sustainability and the spreading of knowledge about protecting the environment.

Each garden that is created results in an opportunity in the life of each person involved, and in the community.


Opportunities for starting a business and new jobs

Unemployed people and those who want to work in the sustainable business sector can, with the help of F.E.E.D., attend a state-accredited training course where a certificate is awarded on completion. This certificate assists them when they apply for a new job or start a new agricultural business.


Motivation and positive energy

Teachers in participating schools, as well as the children’s families, experience first-hand how the children have more energy, fewer illnesses and are able to achieve more.

Unemployed youth as well as elderly trainees plant their own vegetable and herb gardens, and as a result can give their families, often for the first time, a healthy balanced diet from food which they have produced themselves.

The incorporation of renewable energy solutions has a positive effect on the health of the people affected, and fosters respectful cooperation in the community.



Strong women start vegetable cultivation

In the training courses on sustainable agricultural production, especially for fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs, numerous new women were introduced to the cultivation of food again in 2022.

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Healthy Food for Christmas

Before the start of the summer holidays in South Africa at the beginning of December, FEED distributed one 5 kg bag of Vitality Porridge each to 500 families with children to ensure that the families are supplied during the holiday season.

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Vegetable gardening and recycling pilot projects for school children

In 2022, FEED successfully launched two new pilot projects for kindergarten and school children: The children learn to grow vegetables themselves.

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