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Pre-Christmas donation from STTECH Munich

    The ongoing economic crisis in South Africa, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made the humanitarian situation in the country extremely worse. Malnutrition and hunger, especially in rural areas and townships, continue to spread. The unemployment rate is at a record high of over 30%. With the desperation of the population, crime also increases noticeably.

    In the KfW/DEG funded pilot projects together with FEED’s founding member SUNfarming tangible successes could be achieved in the fight against malnutrition and in the training of people in innovative areas such as solar energy production in recent months. With the donation of STTECH, the FEED vitality porridge gifts can be continued in schools in the region southwest of Johannesburg as well as the training of teachers on the topic of healthy eating.

    Graduates of certified food & energy training courses have significantly better chances of obtaining a job and contributing to the ecologically sustainable production of vegetables and medicinal herbs. "We were impressed by FEED's sustainable and holistic approach," explains Gereon Hinz, managing director of STTECH. "In South Africa in particular, private and entrepreneurial engagement is crucial to support local people, to provide themselves and to actively shape the economic turnaround. To this end, it is imperative to provide local people with access to education, to secure a secure and affordable electricity supply and thus also to lay the foundations for the digitilisation of the economy”, says Gereon Hinz.